Wednesday, November 3, 2010


I realized today while making up 4 enormous batches of pumpkin pie filling that saying I'm cooking & baking for 110+ and listing all the dishes doesn't mean much until you see the numbers. Most folks, according to my husband, bring only 1 pie to a gathering. To me, that's just not fair. Eight slices for 40-80 people?! How does that add up? So of course, I bring more. Here are the numbers in a, knowing me, rambling order that still won't make complete sense in the end.

...pausing because the oven timer dinged....

I'm back. Here are the numbers with a few explanations. I'm not complaining, just complaining, and feeling very exhausted though the day is still young.

* Apple of Your Eye Tangy Pie: 6 whole, 12 pocket (these alone took 15 lbs of apples to make)
* Sweet as My Mum Apple Crumb Pie: 1 whole, 21 pocket (this few because that's all 5 lbs of apples would make)
* Sweet Potato Doesn't Taste Like Tomato Pie: 14 whole, 24 pocket (they took around 18 lbs of sweet potatoes that had to be roasted, peeled, & pureed to make)
* Perfect as Me Squeal with Glee Pumpkin Pie: 7-10 whole, 12-24 pocket (depends on how many the current batches of batter make. Ideally, I only need 7 whole and 12 pocket)
* Tiny Treacle Tarts: 12+ pocket (however many 1 batch makes)
* Spruce Chocolate Mousse Cakes, all flavors: 5 whole
* Kiran's Super Happy Chocolate Cake: 1 whole which made 8 giant-sized slices
* Sugar-Free to Be Me Diabetic Cake: 1 whole, however many cupcakes 1 batch makes
* Lick Me Up! Pops: 1 batch each of orange & lemon

I Dream in Bed of Homemade Bread
* Aromatic Herb: 2 batches = 8 loaves, will probably add on another 4 loaves
* Macho Multi-grain: 2 batches = 8 loaves
* Wholesome White: 4 batches = 12 loaves + 1 batch's worth of rolls

Main and Side Dishes
* Terrific Turkeys, 18-20 lbs each: 4-5
* Happy Stuffing: 3 batches which will take 2 chickens, homemade stock from those chickens, 6 tubes of sausage meat, turkey drippings, and 2-3 multi-packs of stuffing mix to make
* Mucho Mashed Potatoes: 2 batches using up 2 gallon-sized containers of potato flakes and 2-3 quarts of homemade stock
* Vegan Pink Beans & Rice: 1 very large batch
* Kiran's Confetti Salad: 1 very large batch which is 2nd to only the stuffing in how much time it takes to prepare
* Candied Sweet Potatoes: 1 very large batch
* Crave-able Cranberry Sauce: 2 batches

Pies dinged again and so I must run. The "Sample Ladies" at Sam's Club (Hi, Lisa, Judy, and Lisa's-friend-that-I'm-totally-blanking-for-your-name-on!) are expecting us today. :-D

Till the next time I get a free moment, I remain the burned, bruised, cut, and flour covered,

~CoffeeHeidi, the "C" stands for "crazy" :-P

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  1. Oh my word. I'm now starving. I'm always inspired by your Thanksgiving menu. I'm only cooking for 4 people (and 2 of them children) but it still makes me want 5 kinds of pie. LOL.