Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Thanksgiving Feast 2010 & Homeschool Bake Sale

It's begun. Thanksgiving Feast cooking and baking is in full swing. And being over achievers, Kiran and I are baking and cooking for the small bake & craft sale that will take place during homeschool soccer Thursday after next.

Only, Kiran and I never do anything small. It was his idea six years ago that we should cook Thanksgiving Dinner for the movie theatre staff where Daddy is a manager. That ranges from 60- 80+ people. Then Daddy (my husband of course) loves having "30 Days of Thanksgiving Dinner" lunches so that his coworkers at his first job can wonder what those delicious smells are in the middle of December. That, and I could cheat on him as long as I keep making my stuffing. LOL! Friends get food too, so tack on another 4-10 people. (Husband swears I'm a compulsive feader. :-D )

And this year, there's that small bake & craft fair at soccer. Like last time we participated, Kiran and I can't just bring one or two things. Oh no, we have to go overboard! It's part of our crazy nature. Why do one thing when you can do 20 or 30? What's 4 more sweet potato pies when you're already making 10? What's one more 20 lb. turkey when you're roasting 3 and last year you made 7?

So firstly, let me tell you, and my homeschool friends, what Kiran and I will be over bringing to the bake sale. And please note that we're not making money on this. What we're charging isn't near what it cost to make our goods. We do this because we love to share our love of food, the timing just happened to coincide with Thanksgiving Feast cooking & baking, and as always, because we're crazy. LOL!

Happy Kiran & Crazy Mommy's Delicious Delights

Perfect Pocket Pies: $0.50
Apple of Your Eye Tangy Pie
Sweet as My Mum Apple Crumb Pie
Perfect as Me Squeal with Glee Pumpkin Pie
Sweet Potato Doesn't Taste Like Tomato Pie

Oh My, That's Good Pie!, Whole: $6.00
Apple of Your Eye Tangy Pie
Sweet as My Mum Apple Crumb Pie
Perfect as Me Squeal with Glee Pumpkin Pie
Sweet Potato Doesn't Taste Like Tomato Pie

Tiny Treacle Tarts: $0.50

Silly Happy Slices: $1.25
Kiran's Super Happy Chocolate Cake

Let Me Have More! Pops: $0.25
Lick Your Lips Lemon Pops
Nothing Rhymes with Orange Pops

Sugar-Free To Be Me Cupcakes: $0.50

I Dream in Bed of Homemade Bread: $2.00
Aromatic Herb
Macho Multigrain
Wholesome White

Be Thanksgivingfull Plate: $5.00
Plans for this plate are to include: turkey, stuffing, Swedish meatballs, homemade roll

Veg Out Vegetarian Plate: $5.00
Plans for this plate are to include: vegan pink beans & rice, vegetarian stuffing, candied sweet potatoes without marshmallows, homemade roll.

Right now, because of the enormous amount of desserts and bread that I have to make and the fact that I'll be missing 3 days of baking time due to a gaming convention (Kiran's first,) I can't guarantee that we'll be bringing the Thanksgivingfull and Vegetarian Plates nor the Treacle Tarts. However, they should be available the week following the bake & craft sale.

Now onto the Thanksgiving Feast 2010 that the theatre staff, and my husband, will be getting!

* Terrific Turkey (two 20 pounders roasted & seasoned to juicy perfection)
* Happy Stuffing (it takes 3 days, 1 chicken, homemade stock, and ground sausage to make)
* Mucho Mashed Potatoes (flavored with homemade stock & turkey drippings)
* Vegan Pink Beans & Rice (a Puerto Rican favorite that's surprisingly meat-free)
* Kiran's Confetti Salad (a blend of greens, herbs, and any other aromatic that catches his fancy)
* Swedish Meatballs (simple to make, hard to stop eating)
* Candied Sweet Potatoes (better than your grandmother's)
* Wholesome & Hearty White Homemade Bread
* Chocolate Mousse Cakes: Chocolate Cake w/Semi-Sweet Chocolate Mousse and Vanilla Cake w/White Chocolate Mousse
* Sugar-Free To Be Me Diabetic Cake
* Apple of Your Eye Tangy Pie
* Perfect as Me Squeal with Glee Pumpkin Pie
* Sweet Potato Doesn't Taste Like Tomato Pie
* Crave-able Cranberry Sauce
* Condiments: gravy, whipped cream, butter
* Also supplied: napkins, tablecloths, plates, cutlery, serving wear, decorations, and us bringing the feast in festive homemade fall clothing.

And this is why Kiran and I are over-achievers, insane, and why I never get anything close to decent sleep during the month of November. In fact, I'm a bit behind. Normally I have 90% of my grocery shopping done by now. Kiran's Halloween costume ate into that time.

I'm off to slice up & wrap the Happy Cake and then maybe get some sleep.

Till next time,

~CoffeeHeidi, baker and cook of all things wonderful and delicious at Thanksgiving :-D

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