Monday, June 6, 2011

I'm Finally Updating My Blog!

Sorry for the very long delay in updating this blog. So much has happened these past 8 months. Wow! Has it really been that long? Doesn't seem like it.

First reason for the delay: I was exhausted from cooking Thanksgiving for 100+ people. It's normally something that I enjoy doing for my husband's coworkers, our friends, & us. This year, I didn't want to do it. I was too tired from the months of complicated sewing of K's Halloween costume, among other things. But I let myself be talked into it. I even made extra to sell at Homeschool Market Day. (Which my homeschool mom & dad friends remembered when K & I brought stuff to sell a couple of weeks ago.)

Thanksgiving, as always, took over a month to recover from. I'm not sure if I've ever blogged about how much work it takes. We're talking 4-5 weeks of non-stop cooking, baking, shopping, & prep work. I have just one stove, a 1954 Kenmore in the tiny kitchen of my 85+ year old home. Its fold down, cast iron lids, are my only prep surface. After cooking/baking, everything has to be carefully wrapped & driven over to husband's 2nd job to be stored in one of the walk-in freezers. That's just the tip of the giant iceberg. I won't bore you with the rest unless you ask.

Second reason: Blaine Anderson came along to sweep Kurt Hummel off his feet on "Glee" in the episode "Never Been Kissed" and I turned from a fan of the show and Kurt into a die-hard Gleek and Klaine shipper. I'd sworn off fandom after the nasty, crude, flaming of non-Jameron shippers (i.e. folks like me who couldn't fathom John Connor with Cameron, a frelling Terminator!) during TSCC (Terminator: the Sarah Connor Chronicles') all too brief run. (Thank you Fox for cancelling yet another great sci-fi show.)

I won't bore you with the details of my Gleekiness either. However, I will share the link to my tumbler account where I reblog a ton of Klaine, Kurt, Blaine, Darren Criss, & Chris Colfer stuff, post late-night insomnia-induced ramblings of how I incorporate "Glee" into homeschooling, and the occasional thing about my favorite sci-fi shows and trichotillomania. This is my tumbler page if you're interested.

Third reason: My grandpa died at the age of 98. It wasn't an unexpected death, but it did require us to spend a week back home. The same week that my son turned 13, two days after my husband had his own birthday. Luckily, the only tickets to Broadway's "Wicked" that my husband could get us were in early Feb, so we were able to celebrate son's birthday in style. He'd been dying to see "Wicked" for years & had requested this as his present. We had AMAZING seats and the play/musical was beyond what we had ever imaged from the soundtrack (which of course we had memorized long beforehand.)

Fourth reason: Yet another major plumbing disaster. This one, while not as bad as the Christmas of Poo, certainty smelled like it & has required as much work. It took 2 months of my intense labor to repair the damage & I'm still not done with everything. I'll blog more about that later with pictures.

Fifth reason: This actually happened right before grandpa's funeral. K decided that he wants to graduate by age 16 and go to a top notch college with a good law school. So I went from teaching a 7th grader to figuring out how to cram in a ton of high school courses. I like subcategories & color-coding, so that totaled out to 27 different subjects. All of which, after geting on a roll, had to be put off due to the plumbing disaster.

Sixth reason: This one, I am definitely going to be blogging about next in it's own separate entry. My son turned 13 and a whole new level of attitude came with it. Yes, it's to be expected. No, I'm not about to put up with it. "Easy-going, push-over mom" is GONE. We now do boarding-school-at-home. Or rather, I'm still trying to implement the fullness of what I have planned. It's taken longer than I expected.

Seventh reason: Along with the basement plumbing disaster repairs/forced remodeling, I've taken to trying to dejunk the rest of the basement, kitchen, living room, K's bedroom, & mine & hub's bedroom, with the focus on the first 4. The plumbing disaster did have one good benefit: I now have a whole room for storing things in an organized manner. I'm hoping it stays that ways & doesn't revert back to the Junk Room it once was.

Eight reason: I finally got a Twitter account. No longer do I bore my many Facebook friends with rambles. Now I tweet about them. I can have all the verbal diarrhea I want, vent out my stresses, & don't have to worry about bothering my friends. Tweets are easier to ignore than FB posts. They're also entertaining to read & post while running errands.

And so that's my entry for now. I promise to try to get to more this week, if not today. I really want to talk about boarding-school-at-home, my new obsession and the bane of my son's existence.

Thanks for reading,


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