Wednesday, September 29, 2010

European Immersion

A little less than 2 weeks ago Kiran finally started reading the Harry Potter books. (I've loved them for years.) Technically, it started when he was sick and I read him #6 and 7 within a week. Then he started on #1 and read #2 within a day.

While I was looking up to see you one could still buy Chocolate Frogs (with trading cards of course) on Amazon, I happened upon the Unofficial Harry Potter Cookbook and happened to get it at our local Barnes & Noble a day or two before it technically went on sale. :-D

And don't you know that the Harry Potter books and the cookbook just happened to coincide with us starting a social studies/geography study of Europe. We also just happened to own a Lonely Planet guide on British English and both the Travel Channel and Create TV were having a ton of programmes on Europe.

So for more than a week we were speaking British English (driving my husband bonkers of course :-D,) eating British, reading about the British, "touring" all over Europe, and even smelling like the British thanks to Yardley of London English Lavender Soap!

Our studies are don't yet. We've had to pause because Kiran's Halloween costume MUST get finished in time. (That's a whole other blog post!) But for now, enjoy some pictures of the excellent food we made using recipes from the excellent Unofficial Harry Potter Cookbook and the Victory Cookbook.

The picture up top shows some of the books we're using to study the United Kingdom. They are: How People Live, Material World, Time Magazine special issue - The Royals, Evan-Moor's Europe workbook, The Unofficial Harry Potter Cookbook, and The Victory Cookbook.

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