Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Give Me a Few While I Sort Things Out

This is my first blog on this particular blog site, but not to the blogging world in general. For those that know, or have known, me on various homeschooling boards, I used to have a blog (technically I still do) here:

However, I stopped it after some very nasty hate mail from a few nutjobs on a homeschool forum that I won't name. Long story that I don't feel like rehashing as I've found other homeschool forums to call home. (I do miss the friends that I had made there though.)

Anyway, it's 3:43 a.m. and my brains aren't all here. I was sleeping till husband woke me up and I had to go ding my dishes in Cafe' World. What I really meant to type was "Give me a few to figure this site out please."

Eventually, I want to start posting all the things I've been posting on Facebook about our crazy life, homeschooling and otherwise. Then again when you're homeschooling it is your life and you really can't separate the two.

And I'm going to stop typing now. It's better for everyone that way. LOL!

Till next time,


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  1. Hey Heidi, looking forward to following along with you. :-)