Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Great, I'm Awake & Can't Sleep

I'm semi-awake, want to sleep, but can't. Frelling mind won't shut off. Then again, I'm used to it as my son and I are uber nightowls. Uber, you question? Yes, uber. How else would one describe going to sleep between 2-6 a.m., sometimes later, a lot later. Though to be fair, my son has jumped back to a normal-to-the-rest-of-humanity sleep cycle yet I can't get on it.

Anyway, yes, I use that word a lot, I figured for those who don't know me, I'd describe our home a bit. It is decorated in Sci-Fi Geek Meets Homeschooling Family. It's the latest rage you know, soon to be seen in prestigious style magazines and on various decorating shows on HGTV.

On our living room walls are Math Monsters, small posters in the shape of cute monsters each giving the multiplication facts for the numbers 7, 8, & 9; 2 black & white maps of Europe that I copied from Evan-Moor's geography workbook on Europe; a cut-away poster of the USS Avenger, a ship/local chapter of Starfleet: the International Star Trek Fan Association that we used to be very active in; a Farscape poster (let's all pause for a moment to drool over John Crichton/actor Ben Browder in tight black leather pants;) photographs of my son including 4 when he was an adorable blur in my tummy; sketches that my dear friend drew of characters in the sci-fi novel that I've been writing for the past 10-15 years (I hope to be done by the time I'm 80;) a painting I made called "Ancient Ancestor" - a portrait of an elderly rabbit in dark purple coat & hat that is essentially my dear departed Grandma Edna; sketches that another friend made of the fictional characters of myself & my husband from our Avenger days; a shadow box containing decorations from our wedding; a marker-on-wipe-off-board drawing called "Math Monster" that my son made one day to express his loathing of math; and finally, a black & white photograph that my dad took of my older sister and I went we were little.

Then there are the books and DVDs. Tons of them and that's only in the living room. Our library is literally overflowing with them, more so than the single bookcase (half books, half DVDs) and 4-5 DVD crates, 2 "foot stool storage bins" and a crate full of currently active homeschool books in the living room.

Other decorations in our Sci-Fi Geek Meets Homeschool Family home include a model of the trimaran with Mariner action figure from "Waterworld" (yes, I loved that movie,) a model of "Serenity," photo stills from various movies and shows, Harry Potter posters (let's all take a second to cheer that Daniel Radcliff is of legal age and it's no longer creepy for me to say that he's attractive,) a "Serenity" poster, various Star Trek gadgets & ship models, and a model of an AT-AT. If my husband ever finally fulfills my birthday and/or Christmas wishes, I'll soon have "Firefly"/"Serenity" travel posters that can easily be purchased here:
Hint...hint...hint...dear husband or anyone else reading this. :-D

And if you're in the mood to buy me pressies, there's also:
Which seems to be available only in XL or XXXL, and of course, an XXL fits best, not because I love my Taco Bell, but because cotton shrinks, you know? :-P

Okay, enough rambling for tonight. Or at least I think so. I'm going to finish my game of Spider Solitaire (800+ wins so far,) reboot, and maybe get some writing/edits on my novel done.

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