Thursday, October 7, 2010

It's a Packed Day Today, but Do You Think I've Slept? Frell no!

>Edited to add Nouns. Get yours today!

This is how my week has been going:

Step 1. Try to fall asleep on the couch/my bed away from kicks-in-sleep-&-used-to-snore-like-a-freight-train husband, around 10-12 pm. (I even fell asleep during "Castle." Sob!!!) Often, Kiran falls asleep on the couch with me. Husband wanders to his room from the computer room between 1-3 a.m. In some fashion, he will manage to make enough noise (I'm a light sleeper) to wake me up. I try to fall back asleep, but eventually give up and stay awake till 6 or 8 a.m. At the least, I try to be productive in some way or another such as doing dishes, folding laundry, internet research, charging the cell phone, feeding the fish that have lived twice as long as normal, and/or winning that 835th game of Spider Solitaire. (I need to get my average higher than 33%! I just have to!)

Last night, "night" to those of you who slept, son needed me & I swore that I was going to get x, y, z, q, e, and 5 done. So I had General Foods International Coffee. That didn't work and I started falling asleep. But no, I wasn't allowed to quite get there. You know how kids can be? Yeah, well that's how mine was. Plus, I did have those Victory Scotch Eggs to make, laundry to put in the dryer, and the kid's hair to wash for literally, the 6th time in two days. (Who ever put word around that baby oil removes cradle cap should've also put around that the stuff is impossible to wash out and your kid will end up looking like Professor Snape's love child. For all you parents: Dawn dish detergent ended up working where 2 "deep cleaning" shampoos didn't.)

So anyway, half-asleep, I made COFFEE. That stuff I rarely have full strength anymore. That woke me up. I got the laundry done, finally nagged son to enough that he got off his bum to pack the knapsack, made the Scotch Eggs, wrapped up the Scotch Eggs, kept swearing that I needed to work on Kiran's Halloween costume but only did 5 minutes' worth, did some needed things with Cafe' World (anyone want to be my neighbor? I need just one more to get my coffee machine working,) and spent a ton of time fruitlessing searching for NJ preppers that didn't sound like complete nut-jobs. (Apparently "preppers" is the term used for folks who believe in storing supplies for emergencies,) I did find a couple of fairly useful blogs, but gave up trying to find a site that would tell me if water-cooler bottles leak less than gallon jugs of water which always do. A 55 gallon water barrel would hold most of our 2 week supply of water, but I fear our home's 85+ year old cement basement floor would crumble under 450+ pounds of concentrated weight.

I know, I said I wouldn't talk about emergency preparedness anymore, but 2 months from now last year was the beginning of 7 months of one emergency after another. So yeah, I'm taking stock of what we have, what we need, and finally getting enough of some very essential items like water, lamp oil, D batteries, and canned heat cells (more stable than sterno) along with stuff we were running low on anyway - laundry supplies namely. I swear, our family of 3 goes through more clothes than larger families.)

But back to the point. Here I have horrible coffee-induced insomnia and today/Thursday, is the busiest day of the week with the following happening:

1. Homeschool Soccer - We have to be there by 11:15 a.m., which means I have to start getting ready at 9 a.m. and we have to leave by 10:30 a.m., which will probably be delayed by breakfast at McDonald's drive thru. You know how kids are. "I'm not hungry" when getting ready means 5 minutes buckled into the car and suddenly they're starving and any snacks they packed aren't good enough. And when every day you have to make sure your kid takes in enough calories or else he'll stop growing again, you're going to stop for his 3 hashbrowns and 2 cartons of milk.

2. Flu Shot at Sam's Club - You tried going on Wednesday and were all prepared for it. Absolutely-terrified-of shots kid has his favorite stuffed animal, his new video game, his stress ball, and had taken pain killers. We get there. They're out of the children's shot, but more should be coming in on Thursday - your soccer day. So now he gets his shot after being worn out from soccer (and his own bout of insomnia because I forgot to tell him to take his melatonin) and will also be hungry, but of course, hungry for Sam's Club's pizza, not the bag of beef jerky and bottles of water and apple juice we packed.)

3. Therapy - This too was to happen on Wednesday, but got moved to Thursday. We LOVE the therapist. She works for a jr. high and got held up at work. Anyone who can put up with jr. high kids, raise 2 teenagers of her own, and still do private practice sessions in the evenings and weekends without going postal and who doesn't berate us for homeschooling (that's another long rant/story for another day about the psychologist at the children's eating disorder clinic) is a rare find indeed. It's not her fault she had to reschedule. (She did have a later appointment that day/night, but Kiran preferred Thursday instead.) Anyway, we always bring her homemade food (dinner or baked goods) or her favorite candy. Anyone who can put up with all that she does AND us, deserves a treat! LOL! Today she'll be getting a plate of cappuccino brownies and a Victory Scotch Egg. (Dinner, dessert, and caffeine - a complete and nutritious meal if ever there was one. :-D)

And that is why I'm currently ranting about this bout of insomnia. Seriously, did it have to be THIS night? The night before I've got a zillion things to do? I'm not like my husband. I can't go to sleep for an hour and wake up semi-refreshed. Either I'm out till I'm done or forced into wakefulness (doers beware of the wrath of a sleep deprived mommy.) Or I have no choice, like tonight, to stay awake for 20+ hours straight, jugging Java Monsters and repeatedly telling my kid, "Mommy's not mad at you, she's just tired. Can you please just stop talking about video games for a minute and go make me another cup of coffee? Oh, we're in the car? Right. Better concentrate on that driving then. Keep the radio on, I need it to keep my mind functioning." :-P

Other homeschool stuff? Uh....he's almost done reading Harry Potter #3, did spelling a couple of times, was nagged to do math multiple times yet never did, learned that only Dawn will wash out Baby Oil, socialized with the staff at Game Stop (remind me to post about that trip lol!,) as well as the staff at Sam's Club 3 days in a row. Oh yeah, and he also learned that the 6 12-packs of Angel Soft double-roll toilet paper we bought on sale at Target should last us 1/2 a year and we're hoping to store it under Daddy's bed (wasted space where he's always condemning MY innocent slippers to a horrid death of loss and loneliness.)

And now husband's awake, so I've got to read him what I'm typing. Much quicker than trying to explain why I didn't sleep last night. :-O

Till next time, I remain that Crazy Homeschool Mom,


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