Saturday, October 23, 2010

A "Learn from Heidi's Mistakes" Lesson

For those who have friended me on Facebook and have read my Wall posts recently, you can go ahead and skip this blog post. For all others, please read on and learn from my mistakes. There is nothing that I can't break or frell up in some manner. And so, I impart this new found wisdom upon you. :-)

Lessons Learned from Trying to Use Spray Foam in the Construction of a Costume Weapon

Spray foam will get everywhere

2. For this reason, believe the directions when they tell you to use it outside. Otherwise it'll end up all over your coffee table, where you eat your meals.

3. It keeps expanding long after you spray it down plumbing tubing

4. It's sticky as hell and impossible to wipe off with a damp paper towel.

Yet it's not sticky enough to hold a smaller pipe into place inside a larger one.

It will remove the spray paint it took you 3 days to carefully apply. :-(

7. Hours after the "Spray Foam Incident" you'll discover that you forgot to add a part to the handle and can't now that the foam has done it's disastrous work. You make plans to ditch the whole thing and start over tomorrow with another $30 spent ($100 already on the weapon) on replacement parts and foam-ish shelf liner to bridge the gap between the pipes & stuffed animal fiber filling to fill the space inside...none of which are as horridly messy as spray foam

Want to diet? Use spray foam indoors and even though you wore latex gloves and washed your hands each time you had to clean up the expanding crap, you'll "southernly exile in a violent manner" everything you ate that day. :-O

And that's it for now. I'll post on how the rest of the costume and remake of the weapon handle is going later. I'm off to the hardware store!

"God won't let me live a normal life." ~Heidi, a lesson learned in her early 20's

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