Friday, October 8, 2010

Thursday was Excellent!

For all of my incoherent, misspelled, wrong word-filled, sleep deprived ramblings of yesterday morning the day ended up being excellent!

Yes, I often, far too often, went on similar sleep deprived, caffeine-hyped ramblings each time I was asked even the simplest of questions. (I'm bad enough when I'm "normal" - this was FAR worse. LOL!) I was completely oblivious to the polite not-so-subtle clues the lovely receptionist at therapy was giving me such as rep
eatedly saying that I should wait in the waiting room and so kept sticking around rambling. I apologized later when I found out that law prevented her from mentioning the full names of patients in front of others - the ones standing near that needed her attention. OOPS! :-O As my husband has said of others, "someone seriously needed to hit him/her (me) with a clue-by-four." LOL!

Despite these few minor things, Kiran and I couldn't have had a better day. Okay, I'm sure he will swear up and down that he could have completely done without the flu shot. He's fine with blood draws and IVs, but immunization shots are torture to the poor kid. He can't, understandably, relax his muscles in order to make the shots less painful. His whole body and soul tenses up. Oh, the poor kid! But, they keep him out of the hospital, so he gets them. (He's had asthma since infancy & is very familiar with hospitals, doctors, nurses, techs, etc. And I'll stop this tangent here. LOL!)

Back to the excellent day. :-) We'd stopped doing soccer a couple of years ago for a few reasons. One, it kept interfering with bowling. Two, some, not all, of the parents were kind of cliquish to me. I wasn't in their co-op fully & so wasn't "one of them." Three, one mom that I used to think was nice, couldn't even muster a simple, "Sorry," when I explained that we had missed soccer one week because we had to visit my dad (5 states away) who was having brain surgery to remove a cancerous tumor. (It was either that, or it was when dad inevitably died from the cancer.) Instead, the mom snubbed with, "Yeah, you mentioned that already." Seriously?? Not even with my most dreaded enemies would I not give a brief condolence. It's not like dad had the flu or a mild melanoma. This was 100% terminal brain cancer, a disease that literally robbed him of his senses and personality. Four, there were a couple of bullies. Yes, even homeschoolers can be bullies. And my kid - half the time he'll sit there and wonder why I (who had no idea anything was happening because I couldn't hear it) wouldn't rush over to him. The other half, he'd...not fight like you see in movies or on the news...just perform his own acts of "you can't do that to other people" kind of justice. It's how he ended up getting hit in the back with a stick. According to him, some kids weren't letting other kids play with them. To Kiran, this was completely unjust and some things happened like he threw a rock and ...honestly, I don't remember everything and was never clear on the details except that he got hurt and wasn't without fault either. It was years ago and water under the bridge. All forgive, forget, & move on, nothing more to say. (Hope that came out right.)

So today, he, on his own, had decided to start up soccer again with the same group. WOW! Completely different! We were welcomed with open arms by moms who remembered us and moms (and dads) who had never met us before. Kiran was remembered as "the boy who got hit in the back with a stick" and "the kid who brought the great Playdough cookies" and I was "the mom who made that wonderful bread." Kiran made a new friend who loves all the video games, card games, and Bakugan that he does. She'd even made sure he was okay when he'd stopped for a rest in the middle of the soccer field. (Apparently moving off to side would be have been too much work...sigh...) How incredibly cool and kind is that? :-D Our day was absolutely made because of those interactions and we can't wait till next week. ((Hugs to any of the moms there that actually found their way here to read my crazy blog.))

Another thing that happened at soccer: At the end of play/lesson/session the coaches brought the kids together to tell them what a wonderful job they had done. My son loudly pipes up, "Except for me because I SUCK!" ROTFLMAO!!! He can't play soccer well and he honestly doesn't care. He's out to have fun and be with friends. That's all that matters. What a wonderful attitude to have. :-D

Wait, the one minor bad thing that happened at soccer: My face and neck got terribly sunburned. Apparently, even in October, when one dares to venture outside of their tree-shaded home, the sun shines full strength. Who knew? I know, I was just as shocked and flummoxed as you all are feeling right now. :/

Then we went to Sam's Club, rambled at the lovely, patient nurse who gave Kiran his shot. Despite his hatred of the whole processes, he still gave her a hug. We bought a 12 pack of double roll paper towels (the kind that donates money to breast cancer,) got pizza, gave up trying to find the car fluid that we needed, and headed home.

Then it was a rush to pack up the goodies for the incredible therapist and rush back, only to discover that I'd gotten the time wrong by 1/2 hr. There was no need for me to hurry quite so much. Not a biggy though. :-)

And then it was to the theatre to drop the cell phone off to husband and get cheap theatre food dinner (love the perks of a manager :-D), head home, and crash on the couch.

I'm up now because I slept sooooooo long and Kiran is a complete lump on the couch. I swear he doubled in weight for I doubt an elephant could move him. But all is good. It's not insomnia I have now. It's "I've slept well, I'm awake, so let me take care of computer stuff."

Oh, and if our therapist actually does find the time or medication in order to read this, the website that will allow you to watch "Castle" and other shows (such as the oh-so-wrong-in-all-the-good-ways "Raising Hope") is Don't forget to check out the episodes of "Firefly" as well. Even if you don't like science fiction, you'll get plenty of droolable Nathan Fillion. :-D

And so until next time where hopefully I'll post pictures and tales of Kiran Visits Game Stop in His Empoleon Costume and The Best Bacon Mayonnaise You Need to Stock Pile for the Zombie Apocalypse, I remain...

That crazy, rambling, insomniac, homeschool mom with the equally crazy son/most incredible child in the universe,


"I've got a strange life's different, but it is my own." ~John Crichton, Farscape

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